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Wild Time Radio Interview: Animal Mutilations

Radio Interview with host Thomas Janek on Wild Time Radio about Animal Mutilation Investigations12/05/2013:

A closer look at animal mutilations - in conversation with Margie Kay

Baffling, bizarre and outright creepy cases of animal mutilations, mainly concerning farm animals, have been reported for at least half a century yet these cases are often times being ignored and/or ridiculed because they are being linked to UFO sightings and unexplained events.

Animals are often found dead with shattered bones (as if they were dropped from above) and with organs and sometimes bodyparts missing that apparently were removed surgically and not, as often stated by the press or officials, through roaming predators. Strangely, very little or sometimes no blood at all is found on the ground near the animal.

Science, as of yet, is at a loss to fully explain what is happeningand there seem to be more questions than answers.

Luckily, there are investigators out there that take this topic seriously and have looked into it in-depth.

WILD TIME’s Thomas Janak talked to Margie Kay, publisher of Un-X News Magazineforensic investigator and Assistant State Director of Missouri MUFON about her two-year investigation into this phenomenon. 

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Horse Mutilation in Argentina July 2013

July of 2013 was busy with animal mutilations - here is yet another report, this time out of Argentina. Location of discovery: Fernandez, Santiago del Estero, Argentina.  An exact date was not given.

See the original story here:

Pony Mutiliated in England July, 2013

The Plymouth Herald reports a mutilated pony in the U.K. with typical parts removed but explains it away as a cult sacrifice.  What is significant is not only that the same parts of the animal are removed as are usually found but they described a burnt area surrounding the animal as has been found in Missouri and Colorado and other cases and is as yet unexplained.

Horse Mutilated in Central Tennessee

WSMV TV reports a mutilated Paso Fino horse on the McIlvain ranch near Fairview, TN in Williamson County in November of 2013.  We post the link here in an effort to keep track of mutilations worldwide.

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Open letter to TV producers

Open letter to producers of TV programs:

I have turned down two major TV shows in the past two weeks. Why?  One show was attempting to use my video footage, report, and witness for a program on cow mutilations without giving any credit for my work, and having another investigator present the evidence.

The second program wanted to interview three investigators and a witness then have a "skeptic" give his side of the story.  Skeptics rarely even review evidence before debunking it.  I am not interested in doing any shows with skeptics or doing shows who don't want to give people credit for work that was done on my dime. 

I am officially a part of the RESISTANCE, which was started by Chase Kloetzke and Lorin Cutts.  I am making my own documentary this next spring without a skeptic present, and will give proper credit to everyone involved!  I encourage other UFO and Paranormal investigators to join, too.

After hearing my refusal, the producers will no doubt move on to other investigators.  One of the companies is notorius for taking information and not putting the investigator on camera, much less credits. Investigators beware.

Margie Kay
Director, Quest Investigation Group
Publisher, Un-X News Magazine

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Grass anomalies found at cow mutilation sites

William C. Leavengood, a biophysicist who recently passed at age 88 (see my other article recently posted), did research on a number of cow mutilation site grasses, and concluded that similar changes had been made to crops at crop formation and UFO landing sites, indicating a similar energy pattern
Depressed grassy area around the site where a mutilated cow was found in
Henry Co. Missouri in July, 2013 A stgrange burn-line mark was found out
lining where the cow lay.

at these locations. 

In June of 1994 a heifer was found mutilated in Garnett, Kansas.  A flattened pasture grass section surrounded the dead cow, as we are finding in the Missouri mutilation sites.  Other sites in Colorado and Michigan have had the same notable depressed areas.  A section taken from underneath the animal's body and inside the flattened section in the Garnett case was examined by W. C. Levengood, who found cellular changes in the plants.  

Levengood said that as found in crop formations, the evidence suggested exposure to microwave frequencies.  He stated that whatever the energy is it is producing a profound change in the respiration cells of affected plants.  

What type of energy would be at crop formations, UFO landing sites, and animal mutilation sites, that changes grass structure in a similar manner?  Can the same energy be linked to all three phenomena? 

Note:The Henry county grasses are being tested now and we will post the results here. 

Biophysicist W. C. Leavengood Dies, leaves papers for study

Biophysicist Dr. W. C. “Lefty” Leavengood passed away September 28, 3013 at his home in Grass Lake, Michigan with friends nearby. Levengood was a retired member of the Physics Department of the University of Michigan, and a former professor of Biophysics at the Institute of Science and Technology.

Photo by
Willaim Levengood was the owner of Pinelandia Biophysics Laboratory in Grass Lake Michigan and was well known for his pioneering work in the area of plant biology. Leavengood studied plants found in crop formations, doing biochemical and biophysical analysis of plants and soil anomalies. He printed his findings in the journal Physiologia Plantarum in 1994 and 1999.

In his 1994 paper Levengood found that certain deformities in the grain inside the circles were correlated to the position of the grain inside the circle. Among his findings were that bent plants produced five times the normal amount of seed compared to plants outside a crop circle. He also found that plant stems appeared to be blown out from the inside, indicating that the plant had been exposed to microwave radiation. He found similar traits in crops at cow mutilation and UFO landing sites. Levengood also wrote the paper “A Study of Bovine Excision Sites from 1993 to 1997,” published  through his laboratory.

W. C. Leavengood in his lab with Edd Edwards
Courtesy of Edd Edwards
Leavengood tested and studied individuals who have been in contact with ET's and people like Edd Edwards, finding that he and others like him were able to produce high levels of energy which may facilitate healing and other actions. Levengood discovered glassy particles in the dust of individual's homes who suspected they had ET contact. His paper “Evidence for Charge Density Pulses Associated with Bioelectric Fields in Living Organisms,” (Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine) covers this subject.

Levengood was commended by researchers in the UFO and Crop Circle community for his serious study of anomalous phenomena. He was one of only a few researchers worldwide with an impressive list of credentials, well-respected in academia, who breached normal protocol to cross the line into uncommon study.

William C. Levengood was a consultant for BLT Research Team, Inc., headed by Nancy Talbott.  BLT Research supplied many of the plants for  study. Their combined paper “Dispersion of energies in worldwide crop formations” and other scientific papers are available at

About the author:  Margie Kay is a private investigator and owner of a forensic investigation company in Kansas City, Missouri.  She is the publisher of Un-X News Magazine, Assistant State Director of Missouri MUFON, and Director of Quest Investigation Group. See more at or

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22 Strange Commonalities Among Animal Mutilation Cases

After studying the subject for some time now, I've discovered that there are a number of commonalities among animal mutilation cases that are worth noting and that any serious researcher of the subject should look for.

Animal mutilations came to public light in the 1960's when ranchers began to report to the local police and FBI, and the media picked this up.  This phenomena occurs not only in the United States, but worldwide. Many mutilation files were released by the FBI and are now available to researchers, although these are all older cases, with no new cases released.  One has to wonder why the later cases have not been released yet, unless as some people theorize, there is a cover-up regarding this subject.

The media seemed to grab on to the idea early on that cults were doing the mutilating, although to date there has never been any proof of that.  Additionally, some reporters and websites state that most or all of the cases can be explained by natural predators, which is preposterous given the facts.

Following are some of the common traits that are found at mutilation sites:
1. Little or no bodily fluids on site, on the ground or on or in the animal, even when found soon after the mutilation occurred.  Where has the blood gone?  How were the wounds made without any loss of blood?
2. Precise, surgical cuts, or laser-like cuts found, not torn hide or bite marks from predators. (We only look at fresh cuts, not old ones because as the animal bloats the cuts will stretch and make it look very straight)
3. The head of the animal is found facing east in a large number of cases.  (This is just an observation, no explanation has been found.) 
4. Similar organs missing on each of the mutilated animals: usually the udder or parts of the udder, the vaginal area, the tongue, anal area, and cheek which may include the jaw, and sometimes the lips or eyes. No marks are found on the bones, which would normally be found if the cuts had been made by a knife or other instrument.
5. In some cases marks on the legs or body are found as if the animal has been trussed and lifted with a rope or chain.
6.  Extremely fast decomposition of the body, faster than if the animal died from natural causes,or in some cases, slow decomposition.
7.  A "human-like" rather than a "dead animal" death smell has been reported in some instances.
8. Dead blow flies on the animal and on the ground.  What is killing them?
9. Lack of any sign of predators such as coyotes or vultures eating on the dead carcass as would be expected in a death from natural causes. In some cases animals never eat on the carcass, even though it is known that vultures and coyotes are in the area.
10. In some cases a dark black outline is left on the grass surrounding the animal which appears to be a burn mark of some kind.
11. Lab testing shows a change in the soil in some cases- something makes it non-water soluble, meaning that it has been exposed to very high temperatures. Soil testing outside the area shows no change to the soil.
12. In the rare event that an autopsy is performed internal organs or a fetus may be missing.
13. When mutilations occur in one area, they often occur in another, then months may go by with no reports.  Oddly, Chuck Zukowski and I have found that many of these events occur ON THE SAME LATITUDE.
14. Often a circular depression is found on the ground or grass in the immediate vicinity of the animal. Some of the grasses have been lab tested (W.C. Leavengood, biophysicist, did testing and wrote reports on this - he found grasses had been chemically altered -see my next article).
15. Often a depression just under the dead animal, and only in that location, up to 3" deep, indicating that the animal was dropped from above.
16. Broken ribs on the animal on the side facing the ground (usually only visible after decomposition or an autopsy is performed.) Again indicating a drop from above.
17. Rarely are any thrashing marks left on the ground around the animal (I know of only one) indicating that the animals were killed somewhere else and deposited in a different location.
18. Farmers and ranchers who report cases to the local authorities are on rare occasions, harassed and threatened.  This usually occurs in countries outside the U.S.  (I am working on several cases in other countries and will submit articles on these later.)
19. Investigators and ranchers often report low-flying aircraft over the mutilation site such as black helicopters with no markings and military planes.  When this occurs in an area that is not known for such activity such as ranches located near air bases, what is the explanation?  
20. Low EMF readings are often detected inside the mutilation area on the ground, but not outside the area.
21. In all cases to date, there are NO TRACKS found from human footprints, ATV's, Trucks, or any type of vehicle near the dead animal.
22. When gates are locked by the rancher, they are not found unlocked and there is no sign of trespass.

The Animal Mutilation Investigation and Research organization requests that researchers and witnesses to the phenomena report cases to this site in an effort to collect as much data as possible in an effort to solve the mystery.

Please subscribe to this site to get updates.

About the author:  Margie Kay is a private investigator and owner of a forensic investigation company in Kansas City, Missouri.  She is the publisher of Un-X News Magazine, Assistant State Director of Missouri MUFON, and Director of Quest Investigation Group. See more at or

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More 2013 Cattle Mutilations Occurring in Colorado and Missouri!

August 8, 2013 | By
Within the past few weeks we’ve had multiple animal mutilations here in Colorado and Missouri and the ranchers involved are upset and concerned for the safety of their animals. The ranches surrounding the area of these unusual animal deaths are also worried about their livestock. Could this also happen to their animals? Multiple alarming questions still remain.
Why are the same ranchers being targeted again and again when there are other ranches nearby that don’t get hit?

Who or what is doing this? And why? For what purpose? Will humans be next, or have Human Mutilations already occurred and their stories have been covered up?

Missouri mutilation:
On July 10th, 2013, I was contacted by Lyn Mitchell from Henry County, Missouri, and was informed she just had a mutilation occurrence on her ranch. This was the second mutilation on her ranch, the first one happening in December 2011. She had located me through her brother who found an article about one of my investigations on the internet from January of 2012. She asked if I could come down and investigate her mutilation case, but unfortunately she didn’t know I live in Colorado while she lives in Missouri. But not to worry… I asked her if I could contact an experienced investigator who lives near her area, and she agreed, so I asked Margie Kay from the Kansas City Missouri location to help out. Margie agreed to investigate the mutilation, so I forwarded Lyn’s information to her.

( Photo courtesy Lyn Mitchell, first mutilation in 2011 )
This heifer calf about 600 pounds died in December of 2011 and besides the unusual incisions shown here, the calf was also missing its tail and anal region.

( Picture of second mutilation, courtesy Lyn Mitchell )

On July 13th Margie Kay with fellow investigator Larry Jordan, met with the rancher and headed to the location of the mutilation. The animal had already been moved by the rancher, but both investigators were surprised to see a circular depressed area on the ground where the animal was laying. Soil samples were taken for future analysis.

The rancher stated the animal was found on July 10th, and was lying on her left side. The anal area, tongue and udder had been removed. There was evidence of bird damage, but not causing the extreme and precise cuts the rancher saw.

( Picture of third mutilation courtesy Margie Kay )

On July 19th, Lyn called Margie and informed her she had found another mutilated animal on her ranch, now that makes three. The rancher had called the Sheriff and veterinarian and they were on their way to the mutilation location as they spoke.

Margie and fellow investigator Larry Jordan arrived at the scene just after the veterinarian had left. The 7 year old cow was found with a cut in the front of the body between the front two legs, and the heart nearly outside of the body. All of the teats had been cut off the udder, and the tongue was cut out. There was damage to one of the eyes, but that could have been attributed to bird scavenging.

The veterinarian said there was no blood on the ground near the animal and the cuts were clean and precise. There was little blood in the chest cavity area which was unexplainable and there were no signs of predator claw or bite marks and no signs of bullet holes causing the death. This animal was estimated at about $2000.

Note: Not only do the ranchers lose what the animal is worth initially, but they also lose any future offspring the animal could have. This could estimate into the thousands of dollars of lost income to the rancher.

Colorado Mutilation:
On July 11th, 2013, I was contacted once again by rancher Miller from Trinidad, Colorado.

( Picture courtesy Sally Miller )

Rancher Miller found this 4 year old Red Angus, laying awkwardly on a side of a sloped hill. The carcass was a couple of days old when Miller found it when his herd count was off by one.
- Animal weight was 1000 pounds plus
- Animal had a calf 2 months before and was still nursing. The calf was found healthy near the herd
- Anal area was cored out
- The hide on the jaw was skinned back
- Broken front and rear legs as if fractured from being dropped
- Right missing ear

Rancher’s personal thoughts:
The animal appeared to have been dropped from the sky near the ledge of a small sloping hill. The body was twisted and limbs broken with no signs of predator take-down damage or blood on the ground. Rancher Miller monitors all the cows with young calves to insure they’re healthy and can properly nurse their young. This particular animal was completely healthy showing no signs of sickness or ailments of any kind. It was unusual to see the calf without its mother, generally they stay close together especially when the calf is nursing.

Note: The average cow this size has 4.4 gallons of blood, if a predator possibly a mountain lion or bear attacked it, there would be signs of blood everywhere. Like all authentic mutilation cases, there is never any signs of blood on the ground or on the hide. There is never any signs of struggling or claw or bite marks, just a dead animal with unusual circumstances.

This lack of evidence mimics what the veterinarian saw in the Missouri case mentioned above.

A very special thanks to rancher Miller for contacting me about this mutilation, the more investigations I do, the more I learn and the more evidence I can acquire to be able to “crack” these cases and find the truth behind them.

Also a very special thank you to Lyn Mitchell from Missouri for contacting me initially about her second mutilation case which enabled me to contact Margie to investigate it.

And a very special ”thumbs up” to Margie Kay and Larry Jordan for “stepping up to the plate” and sacrificing their time to run two separate animal mutilation investigations within a very short time frame. Animal mutilation investigations are not intended for every investigator to do, it needs a special type of person with specially trained skills to properly push the boundaries on animal mute cases. Margie has “stepped up” before on other cases showing extreme professionalism while acquiring the unusual evidence which is needed to further understand these strange phenomenons. I’m lucky to know her and we’re all lucky she’s out there fighting the good fight for all of us.

Ranchers who go the extra mile contacting investigators like me and Margie to run our investigations along with law enforcement on their animal deaths, seem to know it takes more than conventional thinking to figure this out. Law enforcement investigators are only experienced in finding human evidence and some with added schooling, have been trained to look for natural predator evidence. But what about these cases? Law enforcement can only determine if evidence of human or natural predators are involved, but what about the unknown? Well.. that’s where we come in.

Oh, and for those of you who are keeping track or keeping score, the animal in Colorado was located within the 37 degree latitude lay-line and the Missouri case was just outside 37 degree latitude inside the 38. Hmmmm

Margie’s website links 


About the Author ()

For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

Mutilations: Aliens? The Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo, Colorado

July 14, 2013 | By  

by Nick Bonham the pueblo chieftain
Published: July 14, 2013 | Last modified: July 14, 2013 10:05AM
TRINIDAD — At first, rancher Tom Miller thought the savagery wrought on his cattle was a cruel joke. Mutilated cows and calfs. Field-dressed and missing ears, organs and eyes. Carcasses devoid of blood.

A second-generation rancher, it wasn’t until 1999 that Miller said he started looking at the animal deaths differently, not as the product of twisted mischief or the feeding scraps of predators.
“At first I thought it was a prank, but there were no tracks, no blood. It looks like the carcass is pealed off, and it happens overnight,” Miller said.

“There are just so many things that happen that doesn’t seem like it’s human. I know people think you’re crazy, but there are so many things people can’t explain.”
Since ‘99, six cows and calfs have been mutilated on Miller’s ranch northeast of here. Two calfs were mutilated in May and the day after meeting with a Chieftain reporter and photographer this week, he found another mutilated cow on his property.

Miller thinks the seventh death happened in the last week.

Chuck Zukowski has been investigating UFO sightings, paranormal cases and animal mutilations throughout the United States for 28 years.

A California native who lives in Colorado Springs where he makes his living designing microchips, Zukowski has investigated at least 24 mutilation cases in Trinidad and Southern Colorado. In his cases, he’s found little evidence to suggest human intervention or natural predators.
“You don’t see any predator markings at all — bite marks, claw marks — and if you did, it would be a clear giveaway,” Zukowski, a former volunteer sheriff’s deputy said. “I don’t see blood stains on the hides, which is ridiculous. Completely devoid of blood. Why would an animal carve and cut a perfectly round circle on one side of a head? Why would a scavenger do that? The lack of blood, unusual cuts, and there’s no human evidence there — no foot prints, no tire marks.”

Not everyone subscribes to the thought of extraterrestrial life. For some ranchers in the San Luis Valley they believe the deaths to be the work of the blood-thirsty “Chupacabra,” a creature of Hispanic lore that preys on livestock.

Zukowski said some ranchers have seen black military helicopters hover over their cattle and later find a mutilated carcass.

Some may think Satanic cults are to blame, or such was the case in some of the earliest publicized mutilation cases in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Whatever the thought or theory, mutilations continue to happen and the culprit(s) remain at large. And Zukowski, who volunteers his time to investigate, has linked commonalities that he says points to aliens.

“I believe, without a doubt, that there is life outside of the planet,” he said, adding that the mutilators are “a highly intelligent predator.”

“In the cases I investigate, there’s no signs the animal struggled. In some cases, it looks like (the animal) was dropped there,” said Zukowski, whose investigations can be found on his website,

He’s found animals inside a depressed ring and in one out-of-state case, found a mutilated animal inside a fresh crop circle.

Zukowski collects soil both inside and out of the rings and has the samples tested at Colorado State University-Fort Collins.

“I’m seeing some kind of nutrients being altered in the soil. The soil inside the depressions are less soluble than outside the ring.”

In one of the May cases at Miller’s ranch, Zukowski said he picked up high radiation readings around a carcass found beside a tree.

Above the carcass, Zukowski said, he found broken limbs in the tree, which leads him to think the animal was dropped from above.

“I had some unusual radiation readings in a field at Tom Miller’s place, and you could see where branches were broken where the carcass was found,” he said.

While some ranchers may be scared, Miller said he’s not, only more concerned for his herd. Years of drought have taken a toll and, looking down at the remains of a mutilated calf, he says: “That could’ve been $800.”

After staring at the carcass for a minute, Miller looked up: “There’s just so many questions no one can answer.”

July 29th, 2013 Cattle Mutilation in Colorado

By Chuck Zukowski

The morning of Tuesday, July 30th 2013, I was contacted again by rancher Miller from Trinidad, Colorado and was informed he found another mutilated animal on his ranch. This time it was a 5 day old Red Angus calf located alone in an adjacent field at least 200 yards away from the rest of the herd. This is the rancher’s seventh mutilation overall and the fourth this year.

The rancher monitors all the new calves on a daily basis until they are a couple of weeks old when he knows they’re healthy enough not to be watched. The morning of the 30th, his count was down by one, so he started looking around the area where the herd was that morning and noticed the mother standing alone outside the herd staring off in the distance. This puzzled the rancher, so he started walking in the direction the mother was looking towards, and eventually found her calf.

Copyright 2013 by Chuck Zukowski
The dead calf was laying by itself showing no signs of struggling and no signs of blood on the ground or on the hide. The carcass was facing towards the East and appeared as if it was placed there and with no signs of drag marks or entrails nearby. Not quite sure at this time why most of my animals are facing east when the ranchers find them, but I have a couple of theories I can’t share at this time.

The only unknown damage to the animal was a four-inch hole in the anal area. Once again no blood was seen on the hide or on the ground near the animal. After briefly speaking to rancher Miller over the phone from Colorado Springs, I made the decision to drive to Trinidad that day in hopes this animal would be a good specimen for a lab necropsy. The doctors at Colorado State University Veterinary Lab had told me the best specimen for a lab necropsy would be a carcase less than 24 hours old, this animal seemed to fit that requirement. So off I went leaving work early, driving by my house to pick up my field kits, and start my 2 hour drive to rancher Miller’s house near Trinidad.

I arrived around 3:30pm and the rancher and I drove off to the site where the animal was found. I asked him if it was common for a calf to be separated from its mother at that young age, and the rancher said no. The mother is very protective and will fight off coyotes when her calf is in danger. The most common time a coyote or pack of coyotes will kill a calf is when the mother is actually delivering her calf. As the calf is being born, the coyotes take advantage of the mother’s inability to fight during the birth, and they’ll literally grab the calf as it’s exiting the birth canal. Due to the stress of birthing, the mother is unable to get up fast enough to protect her young. But when the calf is up on all fours, the mother keeps it close to her and near the herd for protection.

One question kept haunting me over and over again. Why was the mother so far from her calf and afraid to approach it? Generally if the mother’s calf is dead due to natural causes, she’ll stay by its side restless while bellowing. This was not the case, the mother was afraid to go near her calf and stayed close to the herd, yet she was compelled to have her eyes focused on the location her calf was laying. This is very strange.

After examining the carcass of the calf and the location it was found, the decision was made to take the long journey to Fort Collins and deliver the calf to the lab. Because this was the rancher’s seventh mutilation, I needed to be sure the animal didn’t die of natural causes. So off I drove with the calf in the back of my truck and started my 4 hour drive to university.

Copyright 2013 by Chuck Zukowski
At 10:30pm, I arrived at Colorado State University lab in Fort Collins. Luckily for me the lab has a 24 hour drop off time to bring in animals. This is one of the reasons I picked this lab, and the other main reason is, it’s also the best veterinary lab in the state of Colorado. That is a biggie! After dropping off the animal to the late night attendant and filling out the proper paper work, I started my 2 hour drive back home to Colorado Springs arriving around 1:30am. What a day.
The next day at 2:30pm July 31st, I got a call from the lab doctor (name on file) and we discussed his findings while I asked other questions.

He saw the tongue was missing and the edge of the unknown cut was jagged. I asked him if he had ever seen this before, and he said no, that it appeared a little odd.
He saw the complete digestive track was missing from the stomach to the intestines including one of the kidneys. It looked as if they were all pulled out through a 10cm hole in the anal area. I asked him if this was common of what scavengers do, and once again he said he’s never seen this before and thought it was odd too!
There was no blood in the heart, but that could have been due to time of death when the heart was contracted.
Part of the lungs were inflated which meant the animal was alive and healthy at one time.
There was a 10cm hole in the anal area, the rectum was gone, and there was no blood around that area.
The pelvis was protruding through the 10cm hole.
Both eyes appeared to have been pecked out by birds. (This is common and was once a misconception of a standard mutilation.)
No predator or scavenger bites were located anywhere on the carcass.
Signs of maggets and larva were noticable. ( Larva eggs hatch within 24 hours so this carcass would have been older than 24 hours and probably closer to 30.
No excess amount of blood was found in the cavity of the carcass. (Generally a calf will have over 1 liter of blood.)
No cause of death determined.

Once thing that bothered me about the death was the noticeable lack of hemorrhaging and the lack of blood in the heart. If there were no noticeable signs of hemorrhaging, would this account for the lack of blood in the heart? If the heart was still pumping when the calf died, there should be signs of hemorrhaging. The calf could have pumped all the blood out of the heart on its last breath, then a scavenger could have come in later, but pull the complete digestive track out? Pull the tongue out? If this was a common trait with scavenger feeding, then the lab doctor wouldn’t have said he’s never seen that before.

Note: The lab doctor’s findings on the official report reflect just the necropsy lab results based on what they observed. It states what they found during the necropsy but not necessarily what’s missing. As professionals they won’t give their opinions officially because as scientists they must stay neutral in their work. Even though the doctor stated he had not seen certain characteristics in this animal compared to other animals in his career, we still have to leave the possibility open to natural scavenger causes for science’s sake.

The area in the field where the carcass was found showed slight signs of a possible anomaly on the terrain. I took soil samples which were sent out for analysis. At the time of this blog, the soil results are not available probably due to a possible back log of work at the lab. We’ve had some major weather issues here in Colorado lately.
The following is the official necropsy results from the university, any differences between the official report and my conversation with the lab doctor are due to added questions I asked after the report was filed. All expenses were paid by me, and I never charge the ranchers for my time in any of my investigations.

A neonatal bull calf was submitted for necropsy examination. The soft horn (slipper) was partially present on the front hooves. The carcass was severely autolyzed with marked subcutaneous and intramuscular emphysema. The eyes were bilaterally absent. The hair coat was extensively covered with maggot eggs and larvae. Maggot eggs and larvae were present in the oral cavity and in and around the rectum. The rostral two thirds of the tongue was absent and the remaining margins were jagged. No hemorrhage was observed at the edge of the remaining tongue. There was an approximately 10 cm in diameter hole around the regions of the rectum with irregular margins and no associated hemorrhage. The pelvis was partially extruded through the defect in the rectum. The skeletal muscle around the right femur was absent and there was no associated hemorrhage. The only abdominal viscera observed were the liver, left kidney, and a portion of the
abomasum. No significant lesions were observed in the thoracic or abdominal viscera.
Prelim: 7/31/13 CF
Full report: 8/1/13
L a b o r a t o r y F i n d i n g s / D i a g n o s i s
Standard Report(m) – 7/22/2010 Page 1

120 Dead Elk Found Near UFO Landing Site

120 Dead Elk Found Near UFO Landing Site or Crop Circle

120 or more  Elk were found dead 20 miles north of Las Vegas, New Mexico on August 26 2013. There was a crop circle or landing site that was visible from KRQE's News Helicopter. The Elk were found in close proximity to each other.
Link to video:

Opinions About Cattle Mutilations

By Margie Kay
Cattle at a ranch in Rich Hill, Missouri by Margie Kay
Director, Quest Investigation Group

There are many opinions regarding the reasons cattle and other animals are being mutilated. Here I present some of the more plausable theories. 

1.) In his article "Eleven Government Cover-ups and Probable Reasons" posted in 2002 at by Donald M. Ware, nuclear engineer and Eastern Regional Director of MUFON, 1989-1993 states that "Cattle Mutilations.  In addition to vast amounts of blood that are occasionally removed from cattle, the tongue, half the lip, and tissues around the orifices are usually taken.  Cattle blood is close enough to human blood to be used by our military for transfusions when needed.  A doctor familiar with the mutilations told me that tissues around the orifices are high in the amino acids needed for new tissue growth.  Together you can make the large amounts of hybrid fetus formula needed for Homo alterios spacialis while in the artificial wombs.  An investigator friend told me that there is a cattle ranch in Ohio where such products of young cattle are trucked to Area 51 regularly.  Perhaps cattle from various ranges are occasionally used to balance supply and demand.  Dr. Greer told me that the lips and tongue are used to determine the effect of pollution on grasses in various locations.  Reasons:  Knowledge of the hybridization program is highly sensitive and is hidden from people not seeking it for reasons mentioned above.  “Cattle mutilations” are not so scary when you realize they are feeding our babies."

2.) Some abductees have reported seeing rather strange scenes on alien craft that may account for the entire udder missing in some cases.  Several abductees have told me that they saw cow udders being used as makeshift wombs to hold what they suspected were alien/human hybrids fetus'. If only one person had mentioned this I wouldn't have paid much attention, but several people who had no knowledge of each other told me the same thing when relating their experiences.  

3.) I remote-viewed one cow mutilation recently and was able to get a glimpse of approximately 10 minutes of an event.  There was a large craft of some type, a cow was tethered at the ankles and pulled up into the craft, the door closed on the bottom, and two strange alien-looking beings began to work very quickly on the animal, which appeared to be stunned but not deceased.  A cut was made in the hide in the chest area, and a long stainless steel hose with a narrow end was placed over one of the arteries near the heart, which then removed all or most of the blood from the animal.  Why do they need bovine blood?  Do they use it for a food supply or for medical reasons for humans or aliens? 

Whatever the reasons are, it is clear that whoever or whatever is doing this has been doing it for at least 40 years worldwide. There must be a cover-up due to the large amount of occurrences with no explanation coming from anyone.  When a farmer or rancher brings their plight to the media, they often get ridiculed, so don't report any events that occur later.  When a rancher complains to authorities and is persistent, he is often not only ridiculed, but seriously harassed, as in cases of multiple mutilations on large ranches.  What do the governments of the world know about this, and are they the perpetrators, perhaps using an alien cover-up?  Or are aliens really doing this and our governments have no control over it?  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Date of event: 9/6/2013
Time: Between 3:00 a.m and 8:00 a.m.
Location: 200-acre ranch in Gasconade County, Missouri
Witnesses: Anonymous - Engineer and rancher, and his father
Weather: 73 degrees, Clear, Wind 5.8mph from the South
Investigator: Margie Kay ( 

Note: All but one photo has been omitted due to their graphic nature.

The witness contacted me on 9/10/2013 after finding our website  He found a 6-year old healthy Black Angus cow who was pregnant- dead on the morning of the 6th at 9:00 a.m.  He had gone to his ranch to check on his cattle as he normally does every day when he noticed that the entire herd was standing in a circle looking at something.  He approached, the herd dispersed, and he saw a cow lying on the ground with her head facing east and her legs pointing North.  The animal was still warm to the touch, the blood had not clotted, and rigor had not set in yet, so he estimated that the animal had been dead only four to six hours.  The witness said that it is not normal to find a cow dead of natural causes with all four legs pointing straight.

The witness then called the Gasconade County Sheriff, who sent a deputy to the location to take a report.  The deputy said that the cow obviously did not die of natural causes but could offer no explanation.

Photo copyright 2013 by the rancher

MUTILATION: The rancher took photos of the animal, then checked and found that the tongue had been cut out below the esophagus, which he said would be very difficult to do even for a trained person.  He searched for bullet holes but found none, and then skinned the skull area in order to determine if there was a bullet hole but found none, nor was there a hole in the neck.  Two teats were cut off, and a large section of the head around the jaw was removed with hide, muscle, and tissue gone, including the gums, and very little blood was found on the site.  He could find no scratches or cut marks on the bone.  There was also a cut out section in the vaginal area.  The witness, who has veterinary training and worked in a meat packing plant when he was younger, said that the cuts were made with surgical precision and that there should have been much more blood on the scene. 

There were no signs of a struggle as if the animal thrashed around, however, there is a circular flattened area in the area immediately surrounding the cow. 

NO ANIMALS OR BUZZARDS HAVE EATEN ON THE COW TO DATE (9-11-2013).  The rancher knows there are cougars, coyotes and buzzards on the property but none have touched the mutilated cow, which is not normal.

DEAD LARVAE: The rancher found dead blow fly larvae falling off of the cow.  I told him this indicated possible contamination and to be very careful.  As of the 10th there were no maggots, but on the 11th there were.

CALF: The cow's 300lb. calf, who had been milking, has now suddenly become blind.  There is no indication of pink eye or other health problems.  They may take a blood sample of the calf.

HELICOPTER: On Sunday the 8th, the witness was in his barn while feeding the steers and heard a loud racket outside above the barn.  When he went outside a very low flying helicopter with no visible markings was flying over his property.  He thought it odd that the rotor on the craft was about 10' above the body and it did not look normal.  This is the first time a helicopter has flown low over his property (approx 100' or less). Ft. Leonard Wood is nearby and he often sees aircraft but this was unusual.
On the 10th the rancher noticed a very horrible smell from the gate of the ranch, which is the only entrance to the property and is located 1/2 mile from the location of the mutilated cow.  The smell was more like a dead human than a dead cow.  This has now dissipated.

This is the first time anything like this has happened as far as his ranch is concerned, and the first time his father has seen anything like this.  They have both been ranchers their entire lives. The witness is 65 years of age and his father is in his 80s.  However, the witness stated that a calf was found dead on the property two weeks prior after seeing buzzards flying around, and that he did not examine the animal at the time due to its severe state of decomposition but now wonders if it was also mutilated.

The witness asked his neighbors who live near the ranch if they saw anything unusual but they did not.

This case is still under investigation.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Witnesses Come Forward Regarding Cow Mutilations in MIssouri

After the recent release of the three cow mutilations on one ranch in Henry County, Missouri, other people have come forward to report their own cases.  Margie Kay received several calls on July 31, 2013 from ranchers or others who had similar experiences with their animals.

July 31, 2013: A rancher near the same ranch named above reported two dead and mutilated cows on her property in the past couple of days.  No further details are available as of yet - we are waiting for a return phone call.

July 25, 2013: A witness to a UFO event reports seeing a UFO in Northern Arkansas off of I-49 (Old 71 Hwy) just over the Missouri state line.  The witness and passenger stopped to view the UFO, which was hoovering in a nearby field.  As they got out of the car a raccoon came running from the area where the UFO was located and into the street. The animal's left front leg was cut off and apparently cauterized.  The couple attempted to capture the animal but were unsuccessful.  Their attention was once again turned towards the UFO and they lost sight of the animal. Margie suggested they report the UFO incident to

2010: A representative from a Missouri Livestock Auction reports that he spoke to a couple from Harrisonville, Missouri who found three healthy Black Angus cows mutilated on their property on the same day.  No further details are available at this time.  

April or May, 1975: A rancher near Cole Camp, Missouri reported that two healthy young Black Angus cows were found mutilated on his property in the spring of 1975.  He remembers the event as if it were yesterday.  The man was 17 years of age at the time, and was driving a four-wheeler through the 120 acre ranch when he happened upon the dead animals.  The owners called law enforcement and the State Fair, who in turn called the State Veterinarian to investigate the incident.  The veterinarian said that he could not explain the precise, surgical cuts on the animal or the cause of death.  The compete udders, anus', and vulva were surgically removed.  No blood or fluids were found on the ground near the animals, who were in close proximity to each other.  The incident was reported in the Sedalia Democrat newspaper, however, the newspaper reported that the cows were killed by coyotes, rather than stating that the incident was unexplained. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Third Cow Mutilation in Henry County Video

Link to You Tube Video on the Third cow mutilation at the same property:

KSHB 41 News coverage of cow mutilations

View the July 29, 2013 story here:

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Cow Mutilation Near KCI Airport January 5, 2012

Investigators: Margie Kay and Geremy Pearce
Site: Land near KCI Airport
Rancher: Mr. H.
Date: January 5, 2012

A news report about this cow mutilation appeared on KCTV 5 so I called the producer and she put me in touch with the rancher. Link to KCTV 5 story:  I took Geremy Pearce with me to investigate.  Geremy is a police officer and has training in crime scene investigation.  We arrived at the scene at 2:00 PM on January 11.  There was no precipitation but it was very cold and windy. For the previous week, however it had been unusually warm and sunny with temperatures at 60 degrees.  We found the following:

Site of cow mutilation Jan 5, 2012
 1. Mr. H. showed us the location where the cow was found and pointed out where her head, belly, and rear were located and how the ground showed that she had been thrashing around.  He then pointed to the location where the cow had been moved and left to attend to other business.  The head was facing east.  The site had been walked on by the rancher and veterinarian. The ground was indented approximately 2", indicating that the animal had been dropped from above.  The gate had been locked as usual,

2. We placed markers at each location and took dirt samples from the ground where the head, belly, and rear of the cow were located, then took a control sample 30 feet away from that location (to the East) and placed the samples in evidence bags.  Geremy used gloves while obtaining the samples. These were mailed to Chuck Zukowski on January 12 for testing. The testing result is that the GROUND HAD BEEN MADE NON-WATER SOLUABLE, meaning that very high temperatures needed to be reached in order for this to happen.  There is no explanation for this.  Note: Other cow mutilation sites have been found to have the same properties. 

3. Geremy walked the property in the direction Mr. H. told him in order to locate the cow and take photos.  The cow was no where to be found, however, a different cow was found dead, which the rancher knew about.  We did not want to disturb the rancher further because he was moving cattle and was busy.  I sent him an e-mail later in the day and told him we could not find the cow.  We are perplexed at why Geremy could not see the animal.


Mr. H. leases this land from KCI airport, as other ranchers do.  The cattle keep the grass low and that discourage deer from the area where they can cause problems for the planes. 

He placed this cow in this location to keep her away from the rest of the herd because she had been ill.  On Wednesday, January 4 in the late afternoon he and the vet visited the cow to give her an antibiotic, and at that time she was improving and walking around. 

The next morning, on Thursday, January 5, Mr. Hamilton found the cow lying dead approximately 50’ North of the gate entrance and called his veterinarian.  The cow was mutilated with her udder and vulva removed.  No other part of the cow had been touched.  The vet said that there was no blood found, and that the cuts had been made with a precision instrument, and that the cow was alive when the cuts were made.  He did not know the cause of death. 

Mr. Hamilton moved the cow to a ditch out of sight of the road, and placed coyote traps around her so they would not bother the remains.

Note: The location of this mutilation is at 39 degrees latitude, and that there have been numerous UFO sightings and paranormal activity at 39 degrees.  The RLDS Temple, the Independence Courthouse,  and the Liberty Memorial are all at this latitude and are the subject of our ongoing investigation into strange activity and UFO sightings. 


Three Cow Mutilations in Western Missouri Circa 1993

A deputy sheriff who wished to remain anonymous provided an account regarding three cow mutilation investigations he did approximately 20 years ago.  Three different ranchers lost animals around the same time.  He described two cow mutilations and one bull mutilation. The cows had udders missing, and the bull had its horns, tongue, and genitalia missing, and the head was skinned. At the time, the Deputy thought it was a cult that was doing the mutilations but was perplexed because there were no signs of human or vehicle tracks near the animals and no blood anywhere around them. The FBI told him at that time to quit pursuing the cases and drop his investigation, which he did, being somewhat alarmed at the tone of the FBI. The Sheriff also told him to drop it and not ask any further questions.

Investigator: Margie Kay

April 10, 2013 Cow Mutiliation Rich Hill, MO

Date of event: On or about April 10, 2013
Investigation on site: April 22, 2013
Location: Near Rich Hill, Missouri

Photo of herd taken by Margie Kay
Rancher/Owner: Mr. B.
Witness: Mr. D.

Present: Margie Kay, Mr .D, Mr. B., and later his son. Also present was Margie Kay's husband.

I was contacted via e-mail on April 16 by Mr. D, who I met at the Ozark UFO Conference on April 11 or 12, 2013 when he visited my booth. Mr. D send me several photos of a mutilated cow that his friend and neighbor, Mr. B owned. The cow was found on April 10, but Mr. B had not visited the pasture for three days prior so does not know when the mutilation occurred during this three-day period. I was traveling for conferences and was unable to get to the site until April 22.

Mr. D met my husband and I at the Rich Hill exit and took us to his ranch, where we then got into his four-wheel drive vehicle and traveled to the site of the mutilation through rough rock roads, through two streams, and extremely muddy areas. There is no address for the ranch. We arrived before dusk, and I took photographs, and soil samples inside the area where Mr. D remembered the cow was found, however, he was not 100% certain of the exact location and it had rained since, changing the area somewhat. I also took a control sample approximately 20 yards away. He did show me photos on his camera that he took right after the cow was found showing a read glow over the ground where the cow was located. He and his wife camped out one evening at the site and took a photo at 9:30 pm, which is when the red glow appeared. Daytime photos do not show the red glow.

Photo of mutilated cow - she is bloated up after several days
Mr. D then took me to the site where the dead animal was moved and I took several photos of it, which show that nothing has touched it, but it is bloated up and decaying. Flies were swarming around it and due to the awful smell I could not get very close to it.

Mr. B said that his wife found the cow lying dead at 9:00 am on Wednesday, April 10 and moved it with heavy equipment to another location away from the pasture before reporting this to her husband. When she explained that two nipples and ½ of the udder, and female parts had been removed, Mr. B. immediately went to the site of the dead animal and took photographs. He was very upset at losing his $1,500 animal, but did not report this to anyone else.

Mr. B then stated that he has been to his pasture site every night since April 10 in an attempt to see who or what might return, but that he has seen nothing out of the ordinary since. He and Mr. D. also said that the other cows have been acting strangely, and that they would not go near the mutilated cow, and that one day all of the calves were found at the pond crying out, while the rest of the heard remained up the hill ignoring them. This is not normal behavior for cattle, as they always all remain together and don't abandon their calves. Another day, Mr. D. found one single cow grazing on a hill, far away from the herd, which he found extremely strange as well. He related a case with his own cattle where one cow got separated from the heard and dropped dead from a heart attack due to fear of being away from the herd.

Both men also said that no coyotes or buzzards have touched the dead cow, which is also not normal. They would have expected animals to be feeding on the dead cow, but none have done so (see my own photos showing that nothing has touched the cow).

Deputy B said that there were no tracks from any type of vehicle, nor footprints on the ground near the site where the cow was found. It had been raining and the ground was wet and would have shown some type of tracks under those conditions. Mr. B. has investigative training and would have been able to ascertain whether a vehicle had been in his pasture.

There was no blood found around the dead animal, however Mrs. B. thought she saw drops of blood in the animal's nose.

Mr. D.had recently read that sometimes the tongue is removed in cattle mutilation cases, so he opened up the cow's mouth with a stick and found that this cow's tongue has indeed been removed. He submitted a photo of this.

Both men reported seeing unmarked helicopters flying low over the ranch and their homes since the event, which is not common, and two F-16 jets flew low over the ranch on one evening which is also something they have never experienced before.


Investigator's notes: I believe that Mr. B. and Mr. D are credible witnesses and are not fabricating this story. They wish to remain anonymous. Mr. B. said that he did tell the current sheriff about this, who was alarmed at the report, but that nothing was reported officially.

Note: Mr. B. told me that he has had several sightings of UFOs and a close encounter in the past, however, there was no UFO associated with this event that he was aware of. Also note that this location is along the same North-South line (94 degrees, 20' longitude) along 49 Highway, which has been the site of several unexplained incidents including the cow mutilation in Kansas City in 2012, the unexplained paranormal events in and around Butler, the bigfoot and UFO sighting at the Four Rivers Conservation Area, a bigfoot encounter near Arkansas, and multiple orb and UFO sightings.

This location is at 38 degrees exact latitude, which seems to be a hot spot for strange occurrences.

Cow Mutilations in Western Missouri Baffle Ranchers

Press Release

Recent cow mutilations in western Missouri have ranchers concerned about the loss of their livestock. Henry County rancher Lyn Mitchell is baffled by the mutilations of two of her cows in the past nine days.

Kansas City, Missouri July 19, 2013

On July 10, 2013 Lyn Mitchell arrived at her ranch in Northwest Henry County, West of Warrensburg, and found a six-year old healthy Black Angus cow lying dead. The cow's udder, anus, reproductive organs, ear, and tongue had been removed with precision, yet no blood or fluids were found on the ground. Lyn found an article on animal mutilations written by Chuck Zukowski, so she promptly contacted Chuck, who lives in Colorado. Zukowski forwarded the case to Kansas City resident and investigator Margie Kay.

Strange black outline found in the grass
Photo copyright Margie Kay, 2013
Kay and fellow investigator Larry Jordan visited the site and took soil and grass samples to be examined by a lab in Colorado. They found a strange black outline around where the cow had been lying on the ground that looked like burnt grass. No samples were taken from the cow, who was badly decomposing and had been moved to a different location. Mitchell related that a calf was found mutilated with tissue and muscle removed from the jaw, and the tongue removed in December of 2011 in a nearby pasture.

On July 19, Lyn Mitchell called Margie Kay to report that yet another of her cows was found dead. Kay and Jordan arrived just after the sheriff and veterinarian completed their investigations. The veterinarian told Mitchell that the teats had been cut from the udder, the tongue was cut out, and an incision had been made between the front legs with the heart lying outside the body. There was little blood in the chest cavity or heart, which is very unusual. The vet explained that he could not identify the cause of death, but that it definitely was not caused by animals due to the precise cuts on the cow. Kay and Jordan found no blood on the scene, which would normally be found if the cow had been mutilated at that same location. No tracks from vehicles were found, and the only entrance gate to the property was locked.
Mutilated cow found on 7/19/2013
Photo copyright Margie Kay, 2013

Lyn Mitchell is distraught over the loss of her cows. She said “I don't understand why someone would want to do this to an animal, or how they accomplished it.” Mitchel said that each cow was worth approximately $2,000, not taking into account the future calves they would have produced. She pointed out that all three mutilated animals were very healthy and the best of her stock.

A similar cow mutilation near Rich Hill, Missouri occurred on April 10, 2013. A cow mutilation near KCI airport was reported to local media January 5, 2012 and was covered by local news. Kay and another investigator found a 2” indentation in the hard ground where the cow was lying, indicating that the animal may have been dropped from above. Two more cow mutilations occurred n Southwest Missouri in 2011 and 2009. The land owners live on the property and report seeing large craft or balls of light in several locations, which they cannot explain. In all of the above cases, the cows were mutilated in a similar manner, there were precision cuts on the animals, and no blood was found in the area. All of the locations are rural, with limited traffic and accessibility, and gates are always locked.

Other similar incidents have occurred in Missouri and it is believed that Missouri was one of the first state to report animal mutilations in the 1960's.

Lab testing in past cases has shown changes in the soil, where it has become non-water soluble. This can only occur if extremely high heat is applied to the ground, and so far there is no explanation for this anomaly.

Kay set up a new website where people can report incidents at

Anyone with information about animal mutilations is invited to contact Margie Kay at or 816-833-1602.