Saturday, July 20, 2013

Three Cow Mutilations in Western Missouri Circa 1993

A deputy sheriff who wished to remain anonymous provided an account regarding three cow mutilation investigations he did approximately 20 years ago.  Three different ranchers lost animals around the same time.  He described two cow mutilations and one bull mutilation. The cows had udders missing, and the bull had its horns, tongue, and genitalia missing, and the head was skinned. At the time, the Deputy thought it was a cult that was doing the mutilations but was perplexed because there were no signs of human or vehicle tracks near the animals and no blood anywhere around them. The FBI told him at that time to quit pursuing the cases and drop his investigation, which he did, being somewhat alarmed at the tone of the FBI. The Sheriff also told him to drop it and not ask any further questions.

Investigator: Margie Kay

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