Friday, September 30, 2016

Mutilated cow found on a remote Wisconsin ranch

A Wisconsin rancher found a mutilated dead cow on his property on September 26, 2016. The owner of the animal is a rancher who keeps some of her cows on a different ranch owned by a neighbor. On Monday the landowner saw birds flying around an area above a hill and wondered what they were doing but did not investigate. On Tuesday morning they went to investigate since the vultures were still in the area. The landowner found a cow in a pasture with a large section of her jaw and face cut with precision, and the tongue completely removed. The ear tag (number 51) was missing. No blood was found at the site and the ranchers could find no bullet holes or cause of death. The nose of the animal was placed in a cow pie. The location where the cow was found is at the top of a steep hill, which the witnesses found odd because it would have been difficult for anyone to access in order to perform the mutilation.

There were no flies around the animal, and although a coyote was watching nearby, it did not touch the cow. The owner of the cow called two veterinarians who refused to come out.  She called the police and filed a report, but they have not been looking into it, and said that they have no idea what happened. She called the Department of Natural Resources but has not heard back from them yet.

The witness said that the gates to the ranch are always closed and are wired up in a certain way which would be difficult to duplicate. No vehicle tracks were found, and the gates were not disturbed. The witnesses said that she is still very upset about the situation and contacted me after doing a search on the internet. She has never had anything like this happen to any of her animals.

The mutilated animal is a 4-year-old champion cow who was worth thousands of dollars. She was pregnant with two calves. The owner of the property moved the dead animal three days after it was found. No animals ate on the carcass.

The witness has about 13 cows at that location and about 200 cows at her ranch, and more cows at a third ranch that is 30 minutes away. She is concerned that something like this may happen again. The landowners, who have cows and a horse of their own, have set up outdoor cameras in hopes of catching evidence if something like this happens to another animal on their property. 

The landowners speculate that the incident may be related to extraterrestrials, while neighbors claim the incident must have something to do with a cult who wanted the tongue for some type of ritual. However, this does not explain the fact that there is no blood on the scene and that a cause of death could not be determined by the experienced ranchers. Since this is in a very remote location at least five miles from a highway, the ranchers said that there is a low possibility for anyone being in the area who does not live there. 
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Friday, May 27, 2016

Bull Mutilated in Cascade, Montana June 23, 2016

A Montana rancher sent me an email and photos today regarding the death and mutilation of one of his bulls. The bull was fine on Saturday, but found dead on Monday. 

It is more unusual to find mutilated bulls than cows. The rancher described the typical findings - no blood on site, clean cuts, and commonly found missing parts. 

The following is the witnesses email to me: (with permission)


Have had an incident about 15 miles west of Cascade, MT. Don't know what else to say. I've never seen anything like it until today. I've looked online for similar occurrences and found many. Missing tongue, missing genitalia, right eyeball missing with what appears to be a burn mark below the socket, right ear cut off, anus cored out. We've determined by witnesses that this bull was alive last Saturday, but was seen dead last Monday. Today a friend (the owner) asked another friend and me to come look it over.

There is not much blood, there were no vehicle tracks, no human footprints other than those of the people who've gone to the site subsequent to the death of the animal. Another part that is consistent with other incidents I've been reading about this evening is the fact that we have a great number of coyotes and scavenger type birds out here - yet the carcass hasn't been touched. Very few flies...nearly no insects on the carcass. There is a Minuteman missile silo in plain sight from the position of the bull. I've spent the last hour reading the various reports online about these incidents and there are just too many exactly matching similarities not to send this your way. 

Photos copyrighted by the owner. 

Copyright 2016 by Margie Kay

Friday, January 15, 2016

What giant bird is at Blue Springs Lake?

A new report just came in from three witnesses who saw a gigantic bird at Blue Springs Lake (also near Lake Jacomo) in Blue Springs, Missouri. A mother and two of her grown children were driving in the area and saw a huge bird fly overhead, over trees, then swoop up and over a hill. They said that the bird was a dark brown color and did not resemble and eagle or hawk, and that the wingspan was a minimum of 10' wide.

The three witnesses checked to see if they could find the bird that they saw and could find no match.

Other reports have been received of very large birds in Missouri with wing spans up to 30'.  These other reports have been from Independence, Missouri, south of St. Louis in a rural area near the Missouri River bluffs, and another in Blue Springs. In all cases the birds have been seen near water.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cattle Mutilation in Colorado Dec 13, 2015

Another cow mutilation was discovered by a rancher near Trinidad, Colorado. Two 1100 pound female cows were found with unusual wounds, one was dead, the the other alive but with internal injuries. The rancher contacted Chuck Zukowski to investigate. Chuck's report is here:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cow Mutilation in McPherson County KS Jan 3

According to the news website, a cow was found dead and mutilated on a ranch in McPherson County, Kansas on January 3. The rancher is baffled by the incident and has offered a reward to catch the perpetrator.

According the sheriff, a bull was found dead and mutilated in a nearby county two weeks prior.

The location is near 38 degrees latitude, which is where investigators have noted that animal mutilations often occur in Missouri and Colorado. Do we have another round of animal mutilations starting on this line again?

See the article here:

Margie Kay is investigating the incident and will file an update as soon as possible.