Friday, February 7, 2014

Comment by Reader on Cow Mutilations

This was sent to me via e-mail so I'm reposting it here with the writers permission: 
Bill Burns of the show UFO Hunters had a show on cattle mutilations. It was his last show before his series was cancelled. Thisparticular show demonstrated a cow that was found to have an implant in its jaw. It also showed a hybrid fetus that was found in the cow's uterus. 
An opinion by some of us is that the animal mutilations are a cover-up for what is really happening. That is the use of cows as incubator's for the hybrid fetus. In the past, we have heard of cases where human females were impregnated and all of a sudden found not to be pregnant. Then they were shown hybrid children during an abduction. My opinion is that things have changed because they need the human female to continue to produce her monthly egg, rather than carry a fetus. So that is why they started to use cattle.
Sue Birttnen

New report of Mutiliated Coyotes in Tennessee

I just received a report from a man who lived in the back woods of Tennessee why says that they had cattle go missing but never found mutilated, however, they did find mutilated coyotes.  This is a first for me, so I will be getting more information soon and post an update here.

Mutilated coytoes?  Coyotes are high up on the predator list.  If something else mutilated them, what was it, and why did it leave the animals without eating them?  That would not be normal behavior for a wolf, bear, or mountain lion. 

Margie Kay

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Mutliation Reported in Illinois

A mutilated cow was reported by an organic farmer in central Illinois on Monday, February 3, 2014 to investigator Margie Kay by phone.  The rancher heard a strange buzzing noise late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and heard the cows all moving towards the barn, mooing and "having a fit."  However, the farmer did not investigate at the time due to the poor weather conditions.

On Sunday morning the farmer found a pregnant cow lying dead and mutilated.  The animal was giving birth at the time of death. He found no signs of rigor and no blood, and when he pushed on the animal with his boot it felt mushy, which is not normal.  The side of the face, ear, and part of the neck had been removed.  The farmer called the local sheriff who arrived at the scene and while the men were discussing the fact that no blood or tracks were found on the site the cow suddenly began to bleed. The deputy commented that he had never seen anything like it. A veterinarian examined the cow and stated that he thought the cow probably died giving birth to a breech calf, then coyotes or other animals ate on the cow.

As of February 4, no animals have eaten on the cow.  Under normal circumstances scavengers would have already eaten on the cow.

A triangular imprint measuring approximately 12" x 12" x 8" was found nearby.

Due to inclement weather the investigators have not yet been able to get to the scene. The rancher was advised by investigators Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer how to obtain soil samples and samples from the animal.  A friend of the rancher had already obtained a piece of hide with two slits in it and stored it in the freezer.  Margie and Chuck advised the farmer to be on the lookout for another mutilation event because these sometimes occur in twos or threes.

On Tuesday morning Margie Kay called the farmer, who reported that a black hawk helicopter flew low and directly over the location where the cow was found, and that this has never occurred before to his knowledge.

The ANIMUTE team is investigating.
Update: as of today, February 5, 2014, the farmer called to report that he found coyote tracks up to 15' from the animal, but no closer and that no birds or coyotes have eaten on the animal. Under normal circumstances, the coyotes would have done so by now. 

The farmer also stated that a fellow rancher who lives nearby found a mutilated calf on his property in November of 2013 and that his dog has recently gone missing.  More information will be posted on this soon. 

Note: The photos are too graphic to post. 
Update 3/7/2013: Investigators Debbie Ziegelmeyer and Joe Palermo visited the site and observed that the triangular imprint remains in the ground.  The cow is still on site and decomposing, but no scavengers have touched it.