Saturday, April 25, 2015

Possible 1897 Mutilation report from Kansas

Animal mutilations are generally believed to be a phenomena which has occurred only in the past 40-50 years, however, more evidence has come to light that indicates otherwise.

Several people told me that their grandparents and great-grandparents have had unexplained animal deaths and mutilations on their ranches and farms in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas going back to the mid-1900's. The people who told me about these events were usually at conferences I was speaking at or in some cases they sent me an e-mail. Some said the events were even reported in local newspapers at the time, but until recently I had not been successful in obtaining any written accounts of older mutilation events.

While reading Jacques Vallee's book Pasport to Magonia (which I highly recommend) I found this recorded event which likely came from Project Blue Book or Vallee's own files:

"April 19, 1897 Leroy, Kansas: Alexander Hamilton was awakened by a noise among the cattle and went out with his son and his tenant. They saw an elongated cigar-shaped object, about 100m long with a transparent cabin underneath showing narrow reddish bands, hovering 10m above ground. They approached within 50 m of it. It was illuminated and equipped with a searchlight. Inside it were "some of the strangest beings" the witness had seen, who also described as "hideous."  They spoke a language no witness could understand. A cow was dragged away by the object with the help of a strong red cable; it was found butchered in a field the next day."

Found butchered in a field?  This sounds like a mutilation event. Without knowledge of laser technology at the time, the witnesses likely only noticed that the cow was dead and butchered, and may not have noticed any thing such as precise cuts or no blood in the area. Is this an early mutilation account?

Margie Kay is a writer and publisher of Un-X News Magazine