Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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3 Cows Mutilated near Springfield MO and MIBs?

I just received this report from a woman while I was speaking at a paranormal conference over the past weekend in Springfield. She said that her neighbor found three dead and mutilated cows on his property one morning in 2012 and called the Sheriff to investigate.

The animals were grouped closely together. The rancher assumed that vandals were to blame, however, the Sheriff found no track marks, no entry through locked gates, and could not explain the precise cut marks on the animals or lack of blood. He told the rancher to call the livestock removal company, saying that it must have been local bikers who killed the cows. The rancher did so but suspected there was more to the story.

The next morning an unmarked truck arrived with three people dressed in white jumpsuits or protective outerwear. They
Cow in pasture. Photo: Clipart.com
knocked on the rancher's door and said "we are here to take care of the dead animals," then they proceeded to remove the animals and left.

A short time later a marked vehicle arrived and the man gave the rancher an I.D., which indicated he was with the livestock removal company. The rancher then realized that the first team of three people were not the company he called, and at that point he suspected that something strange was going on.

The rancher, who 93 years old at the time told his neighbor that he had never had anything like this happen, and that they never lost livestock under mysterious circumstances.

Who were the three people dressed in white and what were they looking for? Were they actually so-called MIB's?  MIB's (Men in Black) are often seen shortly after a strange event such as UFO encounter.

This story is just one of many unexplained animal mutilations and deaths that have occurred over the past 50 years in the United States and worldwide.