Participating Investigators

 List of Researchers and Investigators: 
(See the bio pages for more information)

Chuck Zukowski, CO: Chuck is a paranormal and UFO investigator and has appeared on several TV programs. Chuck is the Deputy Director of Animal Mutilations for International MUFON and an ex-deputy sheriff.

Debbie Ziegelmeyer, MO: Debbie is the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON and founder of the MUFON Dive Team.  She is a rescue dive instructor and has worked with her brother, Chuck Zukowski, on the Roswell dig site.

Margie Kay, MO: Margie is a forensic investigator and private investigator.  She has investigated paranormal and UFO incidents for 36 years. Margie is the publisher of Un-X News Magazine and director of Quest Investigation Group.

Devlin Rugne,CA: ASD, Northern California MUFON, Investigator, Northern California UFO Studies Group UFORCOP.

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