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We are sad to announce that Michelle lost her battle with a rare and fast-acting cancer in December of 2014. Michelle was teaching us how to collect biological evidence and do animal autopsies when she encountered a UFO on her way to work one night. It was a very close encounter. A few days later she had the cancer and she believes it was, unfortunately, related to the work she was doing with us.


Michelle Hickmon A.A.S.,B.L.A., M.A.T.
Animal Mutilation Investigator
National Board Certified Mortician, Instructor and Counselor

Michelle Hickmon first became interested in ufology several years ago when she witnessed her first UFO sighting with her teenage daughter. At the time she was working along side with pathologists performing autopsies for the community of Jackson County, Mo. She has also worked along the side of law enforcement officials through the process of body removals for both Wyandotte and Johnson county coroner’s offices.  She possesses a Mortuary Science Degree, Liberal Arts Degree, and a Masters degree in the field of teaching. She has experience in Morgue management and has performed hundreds of autopsies within Kansas City.

Her experience includes but is not limited to the following:

Specimen Retrieval and Processing
Post Mortem Cadaver Removal
Morgue and Specimen Management
Document Retrievals
Certified Nurse Assistant
CPR Certified
Counseling(Grief and Psychiatric)
Science Instructor

 Michelle was working with abused children and wants to further her education by obtaining her Phd. She wants to continue utilizing her skills and expertise as an investigator for the team.  She often performs research as a hobby along with her passion for the scientific community. 

For questions you may leave Michelle a message at:

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