Friday, May 27, 2016

Bull Mutilated in Cascade, Montana June 23, 2016

A Montana rancher sent me an email and photos today regarding the death and mutilation of one of his bulls. The bull was fine on Saturday, but found dead on Monday. 

It is more unusual to find mutilated bulls than cows. The rancher described the typical findings - no blood on site, clean cuts, and commonly found missing parts. 

The following is the witnesses email to me: (with permission)


Have had an incident about 15 miles west of Cascade, MT. Don't know what else to say. I've never seen anything like it until today. I've looked online for similar occurrences and found many. Missing tongue, missing genitalia, right eyeball missing with what appears to be a burn mark below the socket, right ear cut off, anus cored out. We've determined by witnesses that this bull was alive last Saturday, but was seen dead last Monday. Today a friend (the owner) asked another friend and me to come look it over.

There is not much blood, there were no vehicle tracks, no human footprints other than those of the people who've gone to the site subsequent to the death of the animal. Another part that is consistent with other incidents I've been reading about this evening is the fact that we have a great number of coyotes and scavenger type birds out here - yet the carcass hasn't been touched. Very few flies...nearly no insects on the carcass. There is a Minuteman missile silo in plain sight from the position of the bull. I've spent the last hour reading the various reports online about these incidents and there are just too many exactly matching similarities not to send this your way. 

Photos copyrighted by the owner. 

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