How to Report an Animal Mutilation

Investigators and the public are welcome to report animal mutilations here

Please do NOT move the animal or make any further cuts to it, and contact us immediately after discovery if at all possible. Please take pictures from all angles as soon as possible. This can greatly help the investigation.

You may wish to call local law enforcement to file a report, and call your local or state veterinarian to investigate cause of death.

If no investigator is available from our team or weather prevents us from visiting the site in a timely manner please do the following:

1. Note the date and time of event (or approximate if not known)
2. Note the date of the investigation
3. Name of investigator(s) if applicable
4. Location (No addresses please, just a general vicinity as in NW Clay County)
5. Name of owner if they wish to go public, otherwise, initials only
6. Circumstances regarding how the animal was found, what was found on site
7. What damage was done to the animal, was there blood on or near the animal? 
8. If a vet was called, what were their findings?
9. If a police report was made, to what agency? Please obtain a copy of this report.
10. Look for human, animal, and vehicle tracks near and around the animal, and check to see if any locks on gates have been broken.
11. If you have a Geiger counter, check for radiation in the area.  If you get high readings stay away and do nothing further.  Note: Radiation readings at mutilation sites are rare.
12. If you are able to obtain soil samples let us know - we may be able to get lab analysis of it. Soil samples should be taken near the animal or under where it was, and a control sample taken at least 30 yards away.  Use sterile gloves and clean spoons to collect soil samples for EACH location so there is less risk of contamination.  Place all samples in GLASS jars with lids - do not put in plastic.  Plastic can contaminate the samples.
13. If you have an EMF meter, take readings inside the area where the animal was found, and control tests yards away.  Sometimes we get EMF readings on mutilation cases.
14. Be sure to check for a missing tongue as this is very common in mutilation cases.
15. Note the direction the head is facing.
16. Get GPS readings of the location if possible.

Be aware that these types of incidents often happen in twos or threes - and that another mutilation may occur within a couple of weeks on or near the same location.

Please send your report to Margie Kay at
or fax to 816-461-2818 
Call 816-833-1602 for questions.

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