Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Open letter to TV producers

Open letter to producers of TV programs:

I have turned down two major TV shows in the past two weeks. Why?  One show was attempting to use my video footage, report, and witness for a program on cow mutilations without giving any credit for my work, and having another investigator present the evidence.

The second program wanted to interview three investigators and a witness then have a "skeptic" give his side of the story.  Skeptics rarely even review evidence before debunking it.  I am not interested in doing any shows with skeptics or doing shows who don't want to give people credit for work that was done on my dime. 

I am officially a part of the RESISTANCE, which was started by Chase Kloetzke and Lorin Cutts.  I am making my own documentary this next spring without a skeptic present, and will give proper credit to everyone involved!  I encourage other UFO and Paranormal investigators to join, too.

After hearing my refusal, the producers will no doubt move on to other investigators.  One of the companies is notorius for taking information and not putting the investigator on camera, much less credits. Investigators beware.

Margie Kay
Director, Quest Investigation Group
Publisher, Un-X News Magazine