Friday, February 7, 2014

Comment by Reader on Cow Mutilations

This was sent to me via e-mail so I'm reposting it here with the writers permission: 
Bill Burns of the show UFO Hunters had a show on cattle mutilations. It was his last show before his series was cancelled. Thisparticular show demonstrated a cow that was found to have an implant in its jaw. It also showed a hybrid fetus that was found in the cow's uterus. 
An opinion by some of us is that the animal mutilations are a cover-up for what is really happening. That is the use of cows as incubator's for the hybrid fetus. In the past, we have heard of cases where human females were impregnated and all of a sudden found not to be pregnant. Then they were shown hybrid children during an abduction. My opinion is that things have changed because they need the human female to continue to produce her monthly egg, rather than carry a fetus. So that is why they started to use cattle.
Sue Birttnen

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