Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cow Mutilation in McPherson County KS Jan 3

According to the news website www.kake.com, a cow was found dead and mutilated on a ranch in McPherson County, Kansas on January 3. The rancher is baffled by the incident and has offered a reward to catch the perpetrator.

According the sheriff, a bull was found dead and mutilated in a nearby county two weeks prior.

The location is near 38 degrees latitude, which is where investigators have noted that animal mutilations often occur in Missouri and Colorado. Do we have another round of animal mutilations starting on this line again?

See the article here: http://www.kake.com/home/headlines/Cow-killed-eye-cut-out-in-McPherson-County-364071521.html

Margie Kay is investigating the incident and will file an update as soon as possible. 

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  1. They are not even safe in barns. once tagged that's it, horses, cows, sheep, humans, cats, dogs, wildlife. Who or what ever is doing this around the glob doesn't care, the scary thing seems to be it's all done while still alive and no one knows who or what is doing it so there is no defence against it. and its always the same MO every time.

    No blood.
    reproductive organs removed .
    females also loose their mammary glands.
    horses loose their chestnuts.
    Tung sliced or cut out.
    90% of cases also have left jaw stripped (sometimes both)
    internal organs removed.
    ear cut off.
    small unexplained holes where it looks like things have been removed.
    Rectal coring.
    Eye(s) removed.
    Some are even skinned (mostly in human cases).

    Also worth a note:
    Local predators wont touch the dead animal.
    Blow flies will die after trying to eat and lay eggs on the dead.
    Other animals of the herd in the same pen/area will be spooked and stay well clear of the dead as if they expect something to leap out and attack them from the dead animal.

    There are even reports of whole herds being wiped out with just a few being mutilated in this way. (sheep seem to be most common for that).

    There is sometimes a dead area of ground under the head of the animal that will get darker over time and plants will be unable to grow in that patch for sometime.
    There are sometimes radiation spikes in the area of the dead.