Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cattle Mutilation in Colorado Dec 13, 2015

Another cow mutilation was discovered by a rancher near Trinidad, Colorado. Two 1100 pound female cows were found with unusual wounds, one was dead, the the other alive but with internal injuries. The rancher contacted Chuck Zukowski to investigate. Chuck's report is here:

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  1. I know what is "hunting" cows in Southern Colorado. I saw it in 2006 but I have not reported it to law enforcement because I'm 1. I don't think I would be taken seriously. 2. There are some very old laws on the books regarding "Rustling" that I'm afraid might lead to it being killed. I would prefer that there be some protection in place such as "it" being declared an endangered species but I'm at a loss as to how I could help that happen.

    A Cryptozoologist in the UK I contacted a few years back has stated his opinion that what I saw was a "Thunderbird".

    Although this occured at night, I was only about 15 ft away from this animal & can provide a very detailed visual & audible account.

    Can you help me? Although I am aware that at least one of our neighboring counties Sherrifs Dept is offering a reward for information that helps to solve the Cattle Mutilations; this is not my motivation.

    My concern, rather, is for the protection of the bird who's flapping 30 ft wingspan popped my eardrums with a loud "Boom" with a percussion of air that knocked me backwards into my door.