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Cow Mutilation Near KCI Airport January 5, 2012

Investigators: Margie Kay and Geremy Pearce
Site: Land near KCI Airport
Rancher: Mr. H.
Date: January 5, 2012

A news report about this cow mutilation appeared on KCTV 5 so I called the producer and she put me in touch with the rancher. Link to KCTV 5 story:  I took Geremy Pearce with me to investigate.  Geremy is a police officer and has training in crime scene investigation.  We arrived at the scene at 2:00 PM on January 11.  There was no precipitation but it was very cold and windy. For the previous week, however it had been unusually warm and sunny with temperatures at 60 degrees.  We found the following:

Site of cow mutilation Jan 5, 2012
 1. Mr. H. showed us the location where the cow was found and pointed out where her head, belly, and rear were located and how the ground showed that she had been thrashing around.  He then pointed to the location where the cow had been moved and left to attend to other business.  The head was facing east.  The site had been walked on by the rancher and veterinarian. The ground was indented approximately 2", indicating that the animal had been dropped from above.  The gate had been locked as usual,

2. We placed markers at each location and took dirt samples from the ground where the head, belly, and rear of the cow were located, then took a control sample 30 feet away from that location (to the East) and placed the samples in evidence bags.  Geremy used gloves while obtaining the samples. These were mailed to Chuck Zukowski on January 12 for testing. The testing result is that the GROUND HAD BEEN MADE NON-WATER SOLUABLE, meaning that very high temperatures needed to be reached in order for this to happen.  There is no explanation for this.  Note: Other cow mutilation sites have been found to have the same properties. 

3. Geremy walked the property in the direction Mr. H. told him in order to locate the cow and take photos.  The cow was no where to be found, however, a different cow was found dead, which the rancher knew about.  We did not want to disturb the rancher further because he was moving cattle and was busy.  I sent him an e-mail later in the day and told him we could not find the cow.  We are perplexed at why Geremy could not see the animal.


Mr. H. leases this land from KCI airport, as other ranchers do.  The cattle keep the grass low and that discourage deer from the area where they can cause problems for the planes. 

He placed this cow in this location to keep her away from the rest of the herd because she had been ill.  On Wednesday, January 4 in the late afternoon he and the vet visited the cow to give her an antibiotic, and at that time she was improving and walking around. 

The next morning, on Thursday, January 5, Mr. Hamilton found the cow lying dead approximately 50’ North of the gate entrance and called his veterinarian.  The cow was mutilated with her udder and vulva removed.  No other part of the cow had been touched.  The vet said that there was no blood found, and that the cuts had been made with a precision instrument, and that the cow was alive when the cuts were made.  He did not know the cause of death. 

Mr. Hamilton moved the cow to a ditch out of sight of the road, and placed coyote traps around her so they would not bother the remains.

Note: The location of this mutilation is at 39 degrees latitude, and that there have been numerous UFO sightings and paranormal activity at 39 degrees.  The RLDS Temple, the Independence Courthouse,  and the Liberty Memorial are all at this latitude and are the subject of our ongoing investigation into strange activity and UFO sightings. 


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