Thursday, September 19, 2013

Opinions About Cattle Mutilations

By Margie Kay
Cattle at a ranch in Rich Hill, Missouri by Margie Kay
Director, Quest Investigation Group

There are many opinions regarding the reasons cattle and other animals are being mutilated. Here I present some of the more plausable theories. 

1.) In his article "Eleven Government Cover-ups and Probable Reasons" posted in 2002 at by Donald M. Ware, nuclear engineer and Eastern Regional Director of MUFON, 1989-1993 states that "Cattle Mutilations.  In addition to vast amounts of blood that are occasionally removed from cattle, the tongue, half the lip, and tissues around the orifices are usually taken.  Cattle blood is close enough to human blood to be used by our military for transfusions when needed.  A doctor familiar with the mutilations told me that tissues around the orifices are high in the amino acids needed for new tissue growth.  Together you can make the large amounts of hybrid fetus formula needed for Homo alterios spacialis while in the artificial wombs.  An investigator friend told me that there is a cattle ranch in Ohio where such products of young cattle are trucked to Area 51 regularly.  Perhaps cattle from various ranges are occasionally used to balance supply and demand.  Dr. Greer told me that the lips and tongue are used to determine the effect of pollution on grasses in various locations.  Reasons:  Knowledge of the hybridization program is highly sensitive and is hidden from people not seeking it for reasons mentioned above.  “Cattle mutilations” are not so scary when you realize they are feeding our babies."

2.) Some abductees have reported seeing rather strange scenes on alien craft that may account for the entire udder missing in some cases.  Several abductees have told me that they saw cow udders being used as makeshift wombs to hold what they suspected were alien/human hybrids fetus'. If only one person had mentioned this I wouldn't have paid much attention, but several people who had no knowledge of each other told me the same thing when relating their experiences.  

3.) I remote-viewed one cow mutilation recently and was able to get a glimpse of approximately 10 minutes of an event.  There was a large craft of some type, a cow was tethered at the ankles and pulled up into the craft, the door closed on the bottom, and two strange alien-looking beings began to work very quickly on the animal, which appeared to be stunned but not deceased.  A cut was made in the hide in the chest area, and a long stainless steel hose with a narrow end was placed over one of the arteries near the heart, which then removed all or most of the blood from the animal.  Why do they need bovine blood?  Do they use it for a food supply or for medical reasons for humans or aliens? 

Whatever the reasons are, it is clear that whoever or whatever is doing this has been doing it for at least 40 years worldwide. There must be a cover-up due to the large amount of occurrences with no explanation coming from anyone.  When a farmer or rancher brings their plight to the media, they often get ridiculed, so don't report any events that occur later.  When a rancher complains to authorities and is persistent, he is often not only ridiculed, but seriously harassed, as in cases of multiple mutilations on large ranches.  What do the governments of the world know about this, and are they the perpetrators, perhaps using an alien cover-up?  Or are aliens really doing this and our governments have no control over it?  

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