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More 2013 Cattle Mutilations Occurring in Colorado and Missouri!

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Within the past few weeks we’ve had multiple animal mutilations here in Colorado and Missouri and the ranchers involved are upset and concerned for the safety of their animals. The ranches surrounding the area of these unusual animal deaths are also worried about their livestock. Could this also happen to their animals? Multiple alarming questions still remain.
Why are the same ranchers being targeted again and again when there are other ranches nearby that don’t get hit?

Who or what is doing this? And why? For what purpose? Will humans be next, or have Human Mutilations already occurred and their stories have been covered up?

Missouri mutilation:
On July 10th, 2013, I was contacted by Lyn Mitchell from Henry County, Missouri, and was informed she just had a mutilation occurrence on her ranch. This was the second mutilation on her ranch, the first one happening in December 2011. She had located me through her brother who found an article about one of my investigations on the internet from January of 2012. She asked if I could come down and investigate her mutilation case, but unfortunately she didn’t know I live in Colorado while she lives in Missouri. But not to worry… I asked her if I could contact an experienced investigator who lives near her area, and she agreed, so I asked Margie Kay from the Kansas City Missouri location to help out. Margie agreed to investigate the mutilation, so I forwarded Lyn’s information to her.

( Photo courtesy Lyn Mitchell, first mutilation in 2011 )
This heifer calf about 600 pounds died in December of 2011 and besides the unusual incisions shown here, the calf was also missing its tail and anal region.

( Picture of second mutilation, courtesy Lyn Mitchell )

On July 13th Margie Kay with fellow investigator Larry Jordan, met with the rancher and headed to the location of the mutilation. The animal had already been moved by the rancher, but both investigators were surprised to see a circular depressed area on the ground where the animal was laying. Soil samples were taken for future analysis.

The rancher stated the animal was found on July 10th, and was lying on her left side. The anal area, tongue and udder had been removed. There was evidence of bird damage, but not causing the extreme and precise cuts the rancher saw.

( Picture of third mutilation courtesy Margie Kay )

On July 19th, Lyn called Margie and informed her she had found another mutilated animal on her ranch, now that makes three. The rancher had called the Sheriff and veterinarian and they were on their way to the mutilation location as they spoke.

Margie and fellow investigator Larry Jordan arrived at the scene just after the veterinarian had left. The 7 year old cow was found with a cut in the front of the body between the front two legs, and the heart nearly outside of the body. All of the teats had been cut off the udder, and the tongue was cut out. There was damage to one of the eyes, but that could have been attributed to bird scavenging.

The veterinarian said there was no blood on the ground near the animal and the cuts were clean and precise. There was little blood in the chest cavity area which was unexplainable and there were no signs of predator claw or bite marks and no signs of bullet holes causing the death. This animal was estimated at about $2000.

Note: Not only do the ranchers lose what the animal is worth initially, but they also lose any future offspring the animal could have. This could estimate into the thousands of dollars of lost income to the rancher.

Colorado Mutilation:
On July 11th, 2013, I was contacted once again by rancher Miller from Trinidad, Colorado.

( Picture courtesy Sally Miller )

Rancher Miller found this 4 year old Red Angus, laying awkwardly on a side of a sloped hill. The carcass was a couple of days old when Miller found it when his herd count was off by one.
- Animal weight was 1000 pounds plus
- Animal had a calf 2 months before and was still nursing. The calf was found healthy near the herd
- Anal area was cored out
- The hide on the jaw was skinned back
- Broken front and rear legs as if fractured from being dropped
- Right missing ear

Rancher’s personal thoughts:
The animal appeared to have been dropped from the sky near the ledge of a small sloping hill. The body was twisted and limbs broken with no signs of predator take-down damage or blood on the ground. Rancher Miller monitors all the cows with young calves to insure they’re healthy and can properly nurse their young. This particular animal was completely healthy showing no signs of sickness or ailments of any kind. It was unusual to see the calf without its mother, generally they stay close together especially when the calf is nursing.

Note: The average cow this size has 4.4 gallons of blood, if a predator possibly a mountain lion or bear attacked it, there would be signs of blood everywhere. Like all authentic mutilation cases, there is never any signs of blood on the ground or on the hide. There is never any signs of struggling or claw or bite marks, just a dead animal with unusual circumstances.

This lack of evidence mimics what the veterinarian saw in the Missouri case mentioned above.

A very special thanks to rancher Miller for contacting me about this mutilation, the more investigations I do, the more I learn and the more evidence I can acquire to be able to “crack” these cases and find the truth behind them.

Also a very special thank you to Lyn Mitchell from Missouri for contacting me initially about her second mutilation case which enabled me to contact Margie to investigate it.

And a very special ”thumbs up” to Margie Kay and Larry Jordan for “stepping up to the plate” and sacrificing their time to run two separate animal mutilation investigations within a very short time frame. Animal mutilation investigations are not intended for every investigator to do, it needs a special type of person with specially trained skills to properly push the boundaries on animal mute cases. Margie has “stepped up” before on other cases showing extreme professionalism while acquiring the unusual evidence which is needed to further understand these strange phenomenons. I’m lucky to know her and we’re all lucky she’s out there fighting the good fight for all of us.

Ranchers who go the extra mile contacting investigators like me and Margie to run our investigations along with law enforcement on their animal deaths, seem to know it takes more than conventional thinking to figure this out. Law enforcement investigators are only experienced in finding human evidence and some with added schooling, have been trained to look for natural predator evidence. But what about these cases? Law enforcement can only determine if evidence of human or natural predators are involved, but what about the unknown? Well.. that’s where we come in.

Oh, and for those of you who are keeping track or keeping score, the animal in Colorado was located within the 37 degree latitude lay-line and the Missouri case was just outside 37 degree latitude inside the 38. Hmmmm

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