Monday, October 7, 2013

Grass anomalies found at cow mutilation sites

William C. Leavengood, a biophysicist who recently passed at age 88 (see my other article recently posted), did research on a number of cow mutilation site grasses, and concluded that similar changes had been made to crops at crop formation and UFO landing sites, indicating a similar energy pattern
Depressed grassy area around the site where a mutilated cow was found in
Henry Co. Missouri in July, 2013 A stgrange burn-line mark was found out
lining where the cow lay.

at these locations. 

In June of 1994 a heifer was found mutilated in Garnett, Kansas.  A flattened pasture grass section surrounded the dead cow, as we are finding in the Missouri mutilation sites.  Other sites in Colorado and Michigan have had the same notable depressed areas.  A section taken from underneath the animal's body and inside the flattened section in the Garnett case was examined by W. C. Levengood, who found cellular changes in the plants.  

Levengood said that as found in crop formations, the evidence suggested exposure to microwave frequencies.  He stated that whatever the energy is it is producing a profound change in the respiration cells of affected plants.  

What type of energy would be at crop formations, UFO landing sites, and animal mutilation sites, that changes grass structure in a similar manner?  Can the same energy be linked to all three phenomena? 

Note:The Henry county grasses are being tested now and we will post the results here. 

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