Thursday, May 22, 2014

UV Lights on Cows

Comment from a blog reader 5/22/2014:

While driving through Iowa at night noticed what appeared to be road construction ahead. When I got up to that location, the appropriate cones were placed, but there were no workers, only UV lights shining onto cattle in the field. On the back of some of the cattle were clearly identifiable marks. Naturally only visible if they were close enough to the lights and likely easily visible from the air. Perhaps there is cooperation between certain human organizations and ET's to provide some kind of sustenance for them. Just food for thought. Keep on digging.

The cows I mentioned earlier were very much alive. The mark was on their back, easy to see from the air. The time frame I believe was 1996, as I was engaged in promoting my magazine and the services of a publisher at the time.


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