Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cats Found Mutilated in Florida

Lakeland, Florida

On March 5, 2014 a Lakeland, Florida man found his black and white cat mutilated. The cat's body was cut in half behind its front legs and the lower half of the body was missing. The man retrieved the other half of the body the next day after walking the neighborhood. Two other cats owned by the same man are missing and unaccounted for. The incident was reported to Lakeland Police, east of Tampa.

There have been a number of cat mutilations in the cities of Jacksonville, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Tampa, Miami and others over the years and no explanation has yet been found. In all cases, the front half of the animal was found severed from the back with a clean surgical cut.

In April a cat was found mutilated in Lakeland, Florida by another resident not long after it had been let outside. A neighbor found the cat lying in a yard. A local veterinarian stated that the fatal injuries were not inflicted by another animal, but that the cuts were clean and surgical. 

The big question is why would anyone want to mutilate a cat?  Who or what is doing this and what could they possibly want?  It seems strange that so many can mutilations are found in Florida, yet rarely in other states. Is there some kind of strange cult in Florida who gets their kicks by surgically cutting the animals in half and leaving one half to be found by the owner?  However, when cats are let out in the morning and found minutes later, it is unlikely, in my opinion, to have been the work of a cult. Someone would have to drive around a neighborhood, wait until they saw a cat, then jump out and mutilate it with surgical precision, and leave half to be found. All this without being seen by anyone?  That doesn't seem plausible.

Are cat mutilations part of the bigger cow mutilation phenomena?  Are the same people or entities responsible for all animal mutilations?  As yet these questions remain unanswered. 

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