Saturday, December 15, 2018

Mutilated Deer Found at Cahokia Mound

A utility contractor was walking along the trails at the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois, east of St. Louis, on Thanksgiving day, 2018 when he came across a mutilated deer.  He saw the female deer laying on the ground in a field at the edge of the woods at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Mutilated deer found on November 22, 2018

The witness said that it looked like something from a text book on animal mutilations. He could see no signs of trauma to the body of the animal that would indicate what happened as far as a cause of death. The side facing upwards had no signs of wounds or punctures, and there was no blood found on the animal or on the ground and it did not appear that any predators had eaten on the animal, which is highly unusual. 

He asked "If the animal had been hunted illegally, then why was it not skinned?"  It does not appear the the animal was killed by a hunter, either. 

The portion that is cut out is very precise- there
are no tears or rips that would be expected from
a predator
The area around the jaw that has been cut out is typical of what we see in many animal mutilation cases. Most cases involve cattle, fewer reports are received that involve horses, sheep, dogs, cats, or other animals. It is very unusual to find a deer carcass with this type of mutilation.  

The location is notable, since there have been numerous reports of Unidentified Flying Objects and balls of light in the area in and near the Cahokia Mounds. 

Cahokia Mounds aerial view: From the Cahokia Mounds website

The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is the site of a pre-Columbian Native American city directly across the Mississippi River from modern St. Louis, Missouri. This historic park lies in southern Illinois between East St. Louis and Collinsville.

The witness gave me permission to use his photographs and story for this blog, but he wishes to remain anonymous. 

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