Friday, January 15, 2016

What giant bird is at Blue Springs Lake?

A new report just came in from three witnesses who saw a gigantic bird at Blue Springs Lake (also near Lake Jacomo) in Blue Springs, Missouri. A mother and two of her grown children were driving in the area and saw a huge bird fly overhead, over trees, then swoop up and over a hill. They said that the bird was a dark brown color and did not resemble and eagle or hawk, and that the wingspan was a minimum of 10' wide.

The three witnesses checked to see if they could find the bird that they saw and could find no match.

Other reports have been received of very large birds in Missouri with wing spans up to 30'.  These other reports have been from Independence, Missouri, south of St. Louis in a rural area near the Missouri River bluffs, and another in Blue Springs. In all cases the birds have been seen near water.